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Datuk Lat's Iconic Illustrations Featured On Special Edition Kleenex Tissue Boxes

A reminder of the kind Malaysian spirit.

Datuk Lat's Iconic Illustrations Featured On Special Edition Kleenex Tissue Boxes

It's usually needed when you cry or when you're sick, when you need a quick clean up or a place to just keep something for a while.

Guessed it yet? 

We're talking about tissues la.

For Malaysia, Kleenex is one tissue brand that most of us will instantly recognise.


Don't be surprised if walk down the aisle of your favourite mart and notice a different but very familiar illustration on the face of the Kleenex boxes.

Well, this is because the tissue brand has teamed up with iconic Malaysian cartoonist, Datuk Lat and introduced limited-edition tissue box packaging as part of its #SoftIsStrong movement. 

Celebrating kindness


“We take pride in the fact that Kleenex has been at the forefront of quality tissue products for many years and are pleased to have collaborated with the iconic and truly beloved Malaysian cartoonist, Datuk Lat, whose art has been a fixture of Malaysian culture for many decades. 

With this partnership, Kleenex hopes to celebrate the Malaysian spirit and let Malaysians near and far know that simply being kind to one another can make us stronger as a community,” said Kimberly-Clark Brand Manager Ko Li June.

The adorable illustration features staple members from Lat's work and is a celebration of the Malaysian spirit. 

So cute!

“Being able to illustrate a harmonious Malaysia is like a walk in the park as I recollect my fondest memories of Malaysia. Throughout the years, I’ve always translated Malaysian culture and spirit through my drawings as a way to remind beloved Malaysians of our diversity, strength and togetherness. 

"I’m pleased to have collaborated with Kleenex to capture the essence of harmony through simple acts of kindness and also hope that this collaboration serves as a reminder to us Malaysians that kindness and unity starts at home,” said Datuk Lat.

So, you guys, look out for these extra special tissue boxes on your next outing k. 

It's bound to make you senyum