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Photo Of Newborn Yanking Off Doctor’s Mask Goes Viral

A symbol of hope!

Photo Of Newborn Yanking Off Doctor’s Mask Goes Viral

Living in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic like now, what most of us probably need is some positivity and probably a little hope.

And a viral photo has been spreading exactly those feelings recently. 

The photo depicts a newborn baby in Dubai attempting to yank off his doctor's mask.


The photo was captured by the baby’s father who welcomed his twins a couple of weeks ago.

An adorable shot

According to a report in Malay Mail quoting Gulf News, Dr Samer Cheaib, the gynaecologist in the photo shared the picture on his Instagram page, and it had caught like wildfire online.

“We all want signs (that we are) going to take off the mask soon,” he wrote in the caption.

Over 100,000 people have liked the post so far.

AwwwwwwDr Samer said he hoped the photo could be a symbol of hope as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I never thought I would get such an overwhelming response to the picture. It was such a spontaneous response by the baby. 

“There was some positivity in the picture, and I think it brings a smile to the face of people who see it. 

“The little newborn wanted a world without masks, and very soon we might have this.”

We can’t wait to yank off our masks too!