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7 Things Malaysian Drivers Should Really Stop Doing On The Road

Let's all just be more courteous on the road, OK?

7 Things Malaysian Drivers Should Really Stop Doing On The Road
Much has been said about Malaysian drivers.

While not all Malaysian drivers are bad, there are enough of them on the road to give all of us a bad name.

While we have accepted that some bad habits are hard to change no matter how many times we write about it (like double parking and using the emergency lanes, for example), there are some tiny little habits that we feel Malaysian drivers can stop doing to make driving a more pleasant experience.

Here are some of the tiny little annoying things we wish Malaysian drivers would stop doing on the road:

#1 Honking the moment the traffic light turns green

Don't be this guy.
Although we would like to congratulate you for having awesome hand-eye coordination, honking at the driver in front of you the moment the traffic light turns green is, frankly, very annoying. Unless you're a pit crew for the Red Bull Formula One team, waiting a couple of seconds after the light turns green will not hurt you. Maybe the car in front was just waiting for those who beat the red light on the opposite lane to cross first before making his move.

However, if the car in front of you stays idle for more than 10 seconds, sure; honk away.

#2 Double parking on an empty parking lot

Unless you want this to happen to your car.
We've made peace with double parkers because frankly, we do it sometimes, too. But if you're double parking in front of an empty parking spot, that's not very nice. Yeah, we know; you were there first so you technically have the right to the parking spot, but if you're not going to park in the parking spot, why not offer it to someone who needs it more? Besides, you can always double park in front of that person, if that's what you like doing.

#3 Swerving to the next lane the moment the one you're on slows down

This is acceptable, but please don't.
Here's an interesting fact most Malaysians probably didn't know: did you know that it is perfectly fine to stick to one lane without swerving to the other lane the moment the traffic slows down? Shocking, isn't it? On top of it being extremely annoying to the those driving in the lane next to you, it is also extremely dangerous for motorcyclists who are riding past. Newsflash: if one lane is slowing down, chances are the other lanes will slow down too. So, there's really no difference which lane you're on; traffic jams do not discriminate.

#4 Signalling to change lanes WHILE changing lanes

Bonus points for creativity.
There's just something with Malaysian drivers and signalling. A majority don't do it, but when they do it, they do it wrong. The reason the signal stock exists in a car is to let other drivers know that you're about to make a lane change. So, if you're signalling while already changing lanes, what's the point of doing that in the first place, right? It's just like your co-worker asking you if it's OK if they eat your lunch, while they're already munching on your chap fan

So, repeat after us: turn on your signal, look and see if it's clear, then change lanes. See, it's really not that difficult.

#5 Flicking your cigarette butts onto the tarmac after you're done smoking

Just keep it in.
Hey, we're perfectly fine with you smoking in your own car, but what we're not cool with is what you do after you're done sucking on the cancer stick. Do have some class and keep the cigarette butts in your car until you can find a place to dispose of it properly. Think of the poor abang cleaners who would have to pick up after your lazy, literring bum.

Since we're on this subject, it is not cool to throw anything out of a moving vehicle. Not only is it disgusting, it can be quite dangerous as well.

#6 Tailgating the car in front...while stuck in slow moving traffic!

Definitely don't want this to happen to you.
Sure, we know it's important for you to show off all the horsepower your Perodua Myvi has under the hood, but we're stuck in traffic; there's only so fast you can go. There really is no point for you to rev your engine and stick as close to the car in front of you be cause you're not going anywhere. If we can practise physical distancing at restaurants, we are pretty sure we can practise physical distancing on the road as well.

#7 Being so entitled

We don't mean this kind of wave, boys.
In real life, when someone gives us a nice gift, we would thank them. So, why can't we extend this to on the road as well? The next time someone lets you cut in front of them or give you space to reverse out of your parking spot, just say thanks by raising your hand or giving them a courtesy wave. Besides, doing that is free and takes less than three seconds (unless you wave really slow like that sloth in 'Zootropolis').