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MITI Released A Press Release On 'Work From Home' Advisory But It's Not Very Enlightening

New information but no clarification

MITI Released A Press Release On 'Work From Home' Advisory But It's Not Very Enlightening
If you're one of the about one million people possibly affected by the government's directive to work from home and eagerly waiting for a clearer SOP from International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI), be prepared to be disappointed. 

As of 21 October noon, there's only been one press release on the subject from the ministry and it raises more questions than it answers.

We also checked MITI's website and the last update on SOPs for companies during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) was updated on 14 October.

10 per cent of management staff can go to office

On 21 October, MITI Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said that his ministry has agreed to allow a maximum of 10% of people in management and supervisory posts to be physically present at the office three times a week for a maximum of four hours. 
So, basically if you work in management or supervisory levels but mati-mati still have to be physically present at the office for some reason, you still can. 

But the person in charge will have to make sure that only 10% of the workforce can be in at a time. 

For instance if you're in accounting, finance, administration, law, planning or information and communications technology (ICT) and there are some things you cannot do remotely, you may still go into the office. 

Companies don't need a permit for this

If a member of the staff needs to be in the office, the employers only have to issue a letter to make the person's travels easier. 

"Companies do not need to submit applications for this purpose. Employers only need to issue a travel release letter for each employee who is allowed to work during the conditional MCO.

“Employers need to set appropriate WFH guidelines according to the needs of their respective companies,” Azmin said. 

Only 30 per cent of public sector workforce allowed to be present physically

According to a directive released by the Public Service Department (PSD), only 30 per cent of workforce is allowed to be present physically at all government offices at a time. 

Heads of departments have been directed to ensure that those who don't have to be in office start working from home (if they aren't already) beginning 22 October. 

All face to face activities such as meetings and trainings have also been suspended for the time being. 

Just stay home whenever possible

We're all frustrated with the constant changes the government has been announcing for the past week. 

So many U-turns, unclear announcements and "full SOPs will be released later by another ministry" comments has gotten everyone wondering if the people leading the country even know what they are doing anymore. 

While there's nothing much we can do about the confusion besides making as much noise as possible on the platforms available to us such as social media, there's one thing that we can do to help halt the spread of COVID-19: stay home as much as possible. 

We already know that the best way to keep the virus at bay is to stay home as much as possible, wear masks when going out, wash your hands or sanitise often and practice physical distancing. 

It looks like the virus is here to stay for a quite a while, we'll just have to take it upon ourselves to keep everyone safe.