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You May Get Fined If You Wear Your Masks Under Your Chin, Perak Police Say

Even if masks don't cover the nose properly

You May Get Fined If You Wear Your Masks Under Your Chin, Perak Police Say
We've been living with COVID-19 most of the year, and for a good part of it, we've been wearing masks to keep the virus at bay. 

However, many still don't know how to wear or store their masks, and Deputy Ipoh OCPD (Operations) Supt Lee Swee Sake has had enough of it. 

Prepared to be fined if you don't wear masks properly

The Star reported that if you pull your masks to your chin, or wear one without it covering your nose, you might be facing a fine. 

"They are still not aware of the correct way. If not worn properly, it’s akin to not wearing one," Lee reportedly said. 

He also said that the police were not trying to find faults, but educate the puclic so that Ipoh, which is now classified as a yellow zone, can soon become a green zone. 

Although the compound will be issued by police officers with the ranking of Inspector and above, the compound will be paid to the Health Ministry. 

The correct way to wear a mask

Since the rakyat are not above the law like some people in this country seem to be, let's just be safe and wear our masks to avoid a hefty fine. 

Here are some tips from the World Health Organisation on how to wear cloth and surgical masks properly.

The best waySlightly different guidelines for cloth masksWe hope this will help to keep you safe and sound!