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Gym Turns Into "Church" To Remain Open Amidst COVID-19 Restrictions

What in the world?

Gym Turns Into

Operating amid a pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down. Others are doing all they can to stay afloat during these trying times.

Some businesses even resort to pretty strange strategies in a bid to keep operating.

One such business is a gym in Poland: to remain open, the sneaky gym operators decided to call itself a 'church'.

Yes, that actually happened!

The church of fitness

An interesting idea.Just like the rest of the world, small businesses have scrambled to look for a creative loophole to remain open for business amidst the pandemic.

That was when the Atlantic Sports Club decided to rebrand themselves as a church.

On top of providing their members with a place to exercise, they would also use the space in their gym for religious gatherings, according to a report by AFP.

"Because fitness classes aren't allowed, starting today, we're offering religious gatherings for members of the Church of the Healthy Body.

"Hard to believe? In this world, everything is possible," the Atlantic Sports Club said on Facebook.

To add to that, the club also said that it would be opening a store with exercise equipment and welcomed everyone to test them out it out for a fee.

Some businesses would do anything to survive!