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After Six Years, Experts Believe They May Have Finally Found MH370 Crash Site

Hopefully, this time, it’s true.

After Six Years, Experts Believe They May Have Finally Found MH370 Crash Site
8 March 2014 will go down in history as one of the saddest days in Malaysia after Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from the radar when it was en route to Beijing.
Few years went on and MH370 along with its crew and passengers are still nowhere to be found despite extensive search efforts and multiple investigations.
However, we may have a new ray of hope after researches have found new leads on the missing aircraft.
The crash location believed to be of MH370.
According to the Daily Mail, aviation experts based in US believe that they have located the crash site of MH370 in the South Indian Ocean, near the co-ordinates of S34.2342 and E93.7875 – which is about 1,285 miles (2,070km) off the coast of Perth in Western Australia.
One of the researches, Victor Ianello, says that “'there are even better odds the plane's wreckage is within 100 nautical miles of the of those co-ordinates.”
Ianello added that he believes the plane flew 2,700 miles (4,340km) past Indonesia before crashing.

Wrong location?

Another aviation expert, Byron Bailey, said investigators have been looking in the wrong spot – 30km away from the crash site.
“I'm sure the captain was trying to ditch the aircraft in as far south, remote location as possible, and leave as little wreckage as possible that would sink,”  Bailey said.
The last search operation ended in May 2018 after US-based exploration company Ocean Infinity searched more than 112,000sq km of the ocean floor for over three months.
Well, let’s hope this new lead would be of substance and something that should be looked into because it’s about time the world and the families of those 239 on board MH370 get some closure to this harrowing incident.