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6 Movies & TV Shows To Binge Watch To Get Your Spook On This Halloween

Time for a horror marathon!

6 Movies & TV Shows To Binge Watch To Get Your Spook On This Halloween
Do you look forward to the month of October each year because it happens to be your favourite time of the year – Halloween?
Well 2020 is turning out like a real horror film so far and we know that your Halloween celebration this year may no longer be the same thanks to COVID-19.
So, what better way than to stay at home and binge a couple of new and classic horror flicks or series to commemorate the spooky occasion?
Here are some of our recommendations for you to binge-watch:

#1 ‘The Conjuring 1 & 2’

Honestly, what’s a movie without some James Wan horror in the mix? Since the third installement of ‘The Conjuring’ titled ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ is set to premiere in 2021, it’s time you have a movie marathon of the first two films to jog your memory. And if you’ve never watched it before, now’s the perfect timing! ‘The Conjuring’ tells the tale of real-life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren who were paranormal investigators.
Where to watch: Astro Best, Astro On Demand, Astro GO

#2 ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

Like stuff that are mind-boggling that you can seem to fathom or in short, unexplainable? Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ will get you connecting the dots and conducting your own research in no time. From unsolved, weird murders to alien and ghosts sighting, each episode offers a different mystery for you. With two seasons, you'll find yourself binge watching back to back.
Where to watch: Netflix

#3 ‘Ratched’

Besides paranormal stuff, one genre you should also delve into this Halloween is thrillers. If you’re lost on which series to start, ‘Ratched’ starring Sarah Paulson is a good start. The series is a prequel to the 1962 novel ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. Paulson’s outstanding performance as asylum nurse Mildred Ratched coupled with the amazing cars, fashion and outfits seen in the series set in the 1940s is absolutely the perfect companion for your sleepless nights.
Where to watch: Netflix

#4 ‘Get Out’

The critically acclaimed film directed by comedian Key Peele received rave reviews from fans and critics as a first time director. The film tells the strange tale of African American Chris Washington who meets the family of her white girlfriend Rose Armitage. However, when he gets there, every African American behaves oddly and the reason behind it is beyond twisted.
Where to watch: Astro Best, Astro On Demand, Astro GO

#5 ‘Hotel Del Luna’

If you’re a huge K-drama fan, then the list wouldn’t be complete without ‘Hotel Del Luna’, the hotel that welcomes all ghosts and unearthly beings of the underworld. With the feisty Jang Man-wol trying to run her hotel alongside mortal Koo Chan-sung and her other hilarious staff members, there’s never a dull and non-scary moment.
Where to watch: Netflix

#6 ‘Doctor Sleep’

If you’re a true blue horror fan, you’ve probably watched the 1977 film, ‘The Shining’. So it’s an absolute must for you to watch its sequel, ‘Doctor Sleep’ based on the novel by Stephen King. And yes, the film still includes elements of psychic ability or as they call it the ‘shining’.
Where to watch: Astro Best, Astro On Demand, Astro GO