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Australian Sperm Donor Under Investigation For Fathering 23 Children In One Year


Australian Sperm Donor Under Investigation For Fathering 23 Children In One Year
You know how they say that if you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life?

Well, this one man in Australia did just that, although we don't really recommend you following in his footsteps.

Turning a 'hobby' into a job

Overachiever, this guy.
UK tabloid Daily Mail reported that Australian man Alan Phan is now allegedly under investigation for creating too many offspring.

According to the report, Phan is said to have fathered 23 children - in one year! 

The 40-year-old from Brisbane, who is a married father of two, is reportedly under investigation by the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Authority (VARTA), a department that manages the state's donor registers.

So, how did Phan father so many children, you ask? 

Well, Phan has reportedly been donating his sperm at registered fertility clinics, as well as sneakily providing sperm to would-be parents outside of the clinics.

A Victorian law states that a man can only create ten 'families', including his own, so technically, Phan is in trouble for fathering more children than is permitted by law. 

Phan with one of his offsprings.
Phan told the website that initially, he only planned to donate nine times, but after an 'illegal' donation became successful, he has reached the limit of ten.

But in a classic case of 'I've already gone over the limit, so I might as well', Phan continued helping would-be parents out until it got out of hand.

In fact, Phan revealed that he once donated to three women in a day!

Overachiever ah, this guy.

Phan and his wife.
Phan told the news portal that he considered donating sperm a hobby of his, and he has now treated it as a full time job.

He reportedly had to abstain from having sex, working out daily and even taking plenty of supplements and vitamins so that his 'little soldiers' are off the highest quality.

Phan also claimed that he was the first Vietnamese to donate sperm in Australia, and his sperm receives high demand because of his success rate and because women love his ethnicity.

But hey, at least he found something that he's good at, right?