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'The Garden Of Evening Mists' Wins Best Feature Film At Asian Academy Creative Awards


'The Garden Of Evening Mists' Wins Best Feature Film At Asian Academy Creative Awards

Malaysian historical drama 'The Garden of Evening Mists' (TGOEM) has won the Best Feature Film award at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA).

TGOEM managed to beat four other film nominations in the same category, namely Mariposa (Indonesia), Stranger's House (Myanmar), Hello Love Goodbye (Philippines) and Dear Orange (Taiwan).

Astro Shaw & Nusantara head and vice president Raja Jastina Raja Arshad expressed her gratitude over the win.

"Thank you very much. It's a great honour for TGOEM to win Best Feature Film.

"On behalf of Astro, I would like to thank the AACA judges for this award. We feel beyond excited!

"Thank you as well to Tan Twan Eng for writing this award winning book, Richard Smith for writing the best script and to Sinji Lee, Hiroshi Abe and Sylvia Chang for playing the main roles and Tom Lin for bringing it all to life on the big screen," she said.
A beautiful story.
Raja Jastina also thanked the publisher Elyce Chin, FINAS, HBO dan CJ.

"May we continue to produce quality Malaysian films! Thank you!" she added.

Based on a Malaysian book

Adapted from an award winning book.

TGOEM is a film adapted from Tan Twan Eng's award winning novel. 

The stunning film included production team members from various countries including Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The story, set in the 1940's revolves around a woman who survives a Japanese war camp.
Conflict and love.
Eager to set up a Japanese garden in rememberence of her sister who died, the woman travels to Cameron Highlands and becomes the student to a mysterious Japanese gardener.

A forbidden, intense love blossoms between the two.

Congratulations again to the whole TGOEM team!