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Man Buys Young Street Vendor A Watch After He Spotted Him Wearing One Made Out Of Paper

God bless the man's soul.

Man Buys Young Street Vendor A Watch After He Spotted Him Wearing One Made Out Of Paper
We may not know how fortunate we are just because we could just go out and buy the things we like.

Not every one is as fortunate, but thankfully, there are some kind-hearted Malaysians out there who want nothing but to see someone smile.

Bless this man's kind soul

A Penang man has become the toast of the internet for his kind deed.

The man, known as Mfa Bob on Facebook, shared how he met a young street vendor and his wheelchair-bound uncle a week ago.

He was stunned to see the young boy wearing a DIY watch made from a piece of paper on his wrist.

The boy and his DIY watch.
The boy told Bob that he likes watches, but he couldn't afford to buy one because he and his uncle make a living by selling keropok at local markets, so he made himself one at home instead.

“No matter how bad things are for us, there are those who have it worse. This boy loves watches so much that he made his own out of paper,” he wrote in the post.

Touched by the boy's confession, Bob decided to make the boy's day (or maybe even his year) by bringing him to a nearby watch shop to buy him a real watch.

Bob, who is also a fan of watches himself, told he boy to choose any watch he likes and he will pay for it.

The boy and his uncle were touched by Bob's kindness.
"He couldn’t believe it and even offered keropok to me as compensation because he couldn’t afford to pay the full price. But I said it was okay, I can pay for it,” Bob wrote.

Bob added that when the boy put on the watch, his uncle began tearing up. 

"They kept asking me ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ and when I said yes, the boy started to cry as well.

“After that, I suddenly began crying too. I haven’t felt this sad in a long time.” 

Bob's Facebook post has garnered more than 2,100 likes so far, and netizens heaped praises on Bob for making the boy's day and for spreading kindness.

We definitely need more people like Bob in this world.