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A Local Animation Studio Is Working On A Hollywood Animated Film Helmed By 'Final Destination' Creator

Something to be proud of.

A Local Animation Studio Is Working On A Hollywood Animated Film Helmed By 'Final Destination' Creator
It might not look like it, but Malaysia is actually home to many incredible animation studios.

And one has just recently gone global.

Great opportunity

Digital content production company Animasia Studio has made the country proud by bringing their talents to an international stage.

According to a report by New Straits Times, the studio has signed a contract with international entertainment company Rainshine Entertainment to produce an animated film based on the trilogy of popular books, 'Young Captain Nemo', written by author Jason Henderson.

Through the partnership, Animasia Studio will be working closely with American screenwriter and producer Jeffrey Reddick, who will oversee the scripting and production of the animated film.

Reddick is best known for his work in the 'Final Destination' film franchise, so you know it's going to be good!

The studio's finest work of date.
Animasia Studio managing director Edmund Chan told the daily that Malaysian talents would be used for the main animation work while the pre-production and post-production processes would be carried out by Rainshine in Los Angeles.

The film also is set to open more opportunities for more Malaysians, as it will readily involve over a hundred of locals, Chan said.

He added that while the film will most likely be 120 minutes long and would be in English, Animasia will be producing the subtitles dubbing in regional languages.

Vast experience 

Animasia Studio is pretty well known in Malaysia, as well as the region, when it comes to animated series and films.

Back in the day, the studio released 'Beyblade Burst' on local TV channel TV2 and 'Harry & Bunnie' on Disney Channel.

More recently, Animasia Studio created 'Chuck Chicken', which was shown on Netflix and South Korean station, TV JEI.

Animasia Studio's crowning glory.
Their greatest work, however, has to be the comic book-adapted 'Supa Strikas', an animated series about a football team's quest to win a tournament that was aired to millions of viewers in Asia, Europe, Africa and even Latin America.

Now we can’t wait for this animation film to be released! Good luck, you guys!