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Swole Fitness Trainer Attempts To Sell Watermelon In Vietnam, Becomes Internet Sensation Instead

Pretty sure it's not because of the melons.

Swole Fitness Trainer Attempts To Sell Watermelon In Vietnam, Becomes Internet Sensation Instead
To be honest, we don't know when this became a thing, but we can tell you that it works.

If you want to sell a product, all you need to do is to hire a guy with a six-pack, take tonnes of photos, upload them onto social media and let them work their magic.

Case in point: this swole fitness trainer Vietnam who became an instant internet sensation.

Muscles and melons

Some watermelon for you, sir?
A Korean fitness trainer based in Vietnam has become the talk of the town after photos of him flexing his Greek god-like muscles while selling watermelons have gone viral on social media.

The man in question is Lee Won, whose physique has recently set the Vietnamese social media communities on fire.

It all started when the 40-year-old posted severeal images of him selling watermelon on the streets of Vietnam on his Facebook page recently.

According to Lee, the whole selling-watermelon-while-being-half-naked was part of a secret photography project.

“Giving watermelons during the Vietnamese New Year (known as Tết) seems to convey luck and happiness to others.

“The concept for my shoot today revolves around an old Vietnamese story. The pictures are still a secret!!", read the caption.

Needless to say, the photos didn't stay secret for long: after they were reposted on a Facebook group called ‘Subtle Asian Traits’, the photos quickly went viral.

He became so popular, in fact, someone drew a caricature of Lee in the traditional garb he was wearing, and it quickly became the mascot for the fitness center he works at.

So cute!

'Hello, you want some melons?'

A Vietnamese folk hero?

While we are pretty sure Lee's biceps are more than enough to turn heads, it was actually his get-up that stole most of the attention.

It turns out that there's a pretty interesting legend when it comes to the orange loincloth that Lee was wearing for his photoshoot.

The orange loincloth was the costume of a legendary Viatnamese hero named Mai An Tiêm, who brought watermelons into mainland Vietnam.

We wonder if the hero has muscles like Lee.
After Mai, said to be the adopted son of the king, and his family were banished to a deserted island for refusing to accept the gifts that were lavished upon him, he found watermelons growing on the island.

Mai then brought them back to the mainland, and when he became a successful watermelon seller, the king finally forgave him and allowed Mai and his family to return to the kingdom.

We are pretty sure Lee Won had a pretty successful time selling watermelons too.