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Netizens Impressed By The Way myBurgerLab Is Handling Its Staff Having Tested Positive For COVID-19

The restaurant even offered to pay for customers' tests.

Netizens Impressed By The Way myBurgerLab Is Handling Its Staff Having Tested Positive For COVID-19
Although eating out is now allowed, the risk of getting COVID-19 due to the large number of cases everywhere is still there. 

Each time we go out and get exposed to strangers, we increase the risk of contracting the virus despite following all the SOPs. 

But sometimes, doing simple things that we used to take for granted like eating at a restaurant or even ordering in instead of cooking is necessary for mental health. 

What's done after is what matters most, as proven by local burger restaurant myBurgerLab. 

Staff tested positive for COVID-19

The burger joint first updated on their social media last week that one of their staff in their Bangsar branch tested positive for COVID-19.

The account was detailed, with information of how the staff suspected that he might have COVID-19 after losing his sense of smell, to him getting tested and getting his subsequent result back. 

Customers were assured that the staff, who was at the premise on 22 February, did not interact with any patrons or handle food on the day. 

The restaurant also assured their customers that full sanitisation by professionals were done the next day and other staff went for testing as well. 

On 27 February, one of the restaurant's co-owner, Renyi, provided another update on social media, stating that two more of myBurgerLab's part-time staff were found to be positive. 

The rest of the team went for testing as well and were found to be negative.

All three staff who tested positive only showed mild symptoms and were told to quarantine at home. 

A post shared by myBurgerLab Malaysia (@myburgerlabmyBurgerLab was very transparent about the cases and everything related about it, which drew the admiration of many.

On top of that, the owners even offered to pay for all COVID-19 tests taken their customers who visited or ordered from the restaurant between 15 and 21 February.

Now, that's a class act. 

Malaysians are impressed

myBurgerLab's transparency, care for its staff and accountability towards its customers have impressed Malaysians, who praised the burger chain on social media and urged others to learn from this. 

Supporting the good ones

Kudos, myBurgerLab! 

We hope other businesses will learn from this episode and be as transparent if they ever face the same issue.