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[VIDEO] Clever Stray Catto Hitch Hiking On A Rapid KL Bus Makes Netizens Go 'Aww'

Need to be somewhere urgently.

[VIDEO] Clever Stray Catto Hitch Hiking On A Rapid KL Bus Makes Netizens Go 'Aww'
We usually see tonnes of people crowding the Rapid KL bus during peak hours. 

However, for one bus driver, he was greeted by an unexpected ‘guest’: a cute little stray catto.

A cute stowaway

Now, the bus driver's relationship with the stray cat named Oyen has captured the attentions of Malaysians on social media.

According to Malay Mail, Facebook user Apai Wakanashie revealed that Oyen had first tried to board the bus last August, but Apai had jokingly refused Oyen entry because he was not wearing a face mask.

“No face mask, no ride, Mr Cat. If not get fined RM1,000,” Apai wrote on Facebook.

Not one to give in, Oyen then tried to ride Apai’s bus again recently - six months after their last interaction.

Just like the first time, Apai refused to let Oyen onto the bus, but Oyen managed to pick up some distraction skills after all that time away.

Oyen initially got down from the bus, but when Apai turned around to check the interior of the bus, the cat very sneakily sneaked behind and followed Apai onto the bus.

The mischievious catto then took the opportunity to sprint up to the upper deck:

After Apai's videos went viral on social media, Rapid KL assured Oyen that he could always take a ride on the LRT if Apai doesn't let him hitch a ride on his bus.

Awww, so adorably cute, kan?

We hope Apai would just adopt Oyen and make him the official mascot for his bus.

We are pretty sure his passengers won't mind a cute little orange catto greeting them every time they board the bus.