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Artist Mimifly Is Dropping A New Track And The Music Video Is Shot Entirely On An iPhone

'Diam' also features Han Kabir

Artist Mimifly Is Dropping A New Track And The Music Video Is Shot Entirely On An iPhone
Local artist Shamimi Amalina or better known as Mimifly, dropped a new track titled “Diam” from her upcoming solo debut album.
The music video, which was shot entirely on iPhone 12 Pro Max, adopted the concept of a live performance by the artist.

In doing so, the fresh and simple approach to producing the music video is very much in sync with Mimifly’s inspiration for “Diam". 

An album born out of frustration

"Diam" is the first song to be released from Mimifly's upcoming solo debut album.

It talks about the frustration of having to be in a society that puts others under constant scrutiny, ready to point flaws and mistakes especially some who do it for sport and for the sheer purpose of watching others fall.
No matter what you do, people will keep focusing on the bad things and will constantly talk and judge without understanding the real situation.
Ultimately the message that Mimi is trying to deliver with this song is that we should ignore this negativity as it is unhealthy and unproductive.

It is best not to get involved and be part of such toxicity. Silence is better. 

“Talking” to the audience


The creators of the song wanted to create a fresh, simple, no fuss music video which  focusses on the singer expressing and "talking" to their audience rather than having distractive environments and movements that could potentially reduce the focus on the artist themselves.
The entire music video was recorded in under an hour using only one iPhone 12 Pro Max. The intention is to showcase the new upgraded features and unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating quality video filming using the iPhone 12 Pro Max and that anyone could start experimenting with their creativity using it. 

The artists

Mimifly  35, is a singer and songwriter who has been colouring our music industry with her bold personality and energetic live performances for over a decade.
She is often referred to as the Rihanna of Malaysia by her fans and followers due to her facial resemblance to the star, authentic fashion style and mind-blowing live showmanship ability.

For this first song that she is releasing from her upcoming album, she has chosen to collaborate with a very talented rapper and lyricist called Han Kabir.
Han or his real name Ahmad Sufian bin Mohd Hakim, 26, is the son of Malaysia's renowned comedian and legendary lyricist, Bob Lokman.

Bob has written songs for many legendary bands in Malaysia and he was hand-picked by M.Nasir to write the famous "Isabella" song.
You can now listen to the track on Apple Music and other channels.