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Malaysians (And Other People) Are Criticising Forbes For Calling Penang "Cheap"

Penang where got cheap?!

Malaysians (And Other People) Are Criticising Forbes For Calling Penang
We Malaysians are proud of our country, so if you have something bad to say about us or our country, be prepared to get some massive flak.

Business website Forbes just found that out the hard way.

Who are you calling cheap?

Please leave Penang alone.An article published in Forbes has drawn criticism for encouraging Westerners to escape the high costs of living in their home countries and instead, choose cheaper developing nations to live in.

The article, titled “Quit Your Job And Move To An Island: 15 Places So Cheap You Might Not Have To Work”, was written by senior contributor Laura Begley Bloom, and was targeted at North American expatriates who wants to retire overseas and cut the cost of living expenses.

In the article, she listed several locations as the place of choice for cheaper living.

Citing a report by International Living, among the cheaper alternatives suggested by the article include Phu Quoc, Bali, Koh Samui and Penang.

“Remote work is one thing, but why not just quit that day job and move to an island that’s so cheap you don’t have to work and can spend your life on permanent vacation?” she wrote in the article.
While we can certainly appreciate the fact that Westerners see Penang as a viable retirement option, there are those who are not too happy.

Many opined that such articles would only increase the cost of living in targeted countries for the locals.
Other netizens not from Malaysia echoed the same sentiments as our fellow Malaysians:
However, there are those who sit on the other side of the fence, claiming that foreigners retiring on these developing countries is good for tourism and the economy.

What do you guys think about this?