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Special Raya Treat From Monsta!

Fans are going to love this!

Special Raya Treat From Monsta!

Monsta continues its 10 -year celebration of BoBoiBoy with the theme 'BoBoiBoy Beyond' with bringing two special Raya programs in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebration on 13 May.

One of Monsta's special programs this year is an advertisement titled 'Memori Eidulfitri'.

After the ‘Kebenaran Raya’ advertisement in 2019 went viral and managed to reach tens of millions of views across social media platforms, this year's advertisement is definitely awaited by millions of fans and local viewers. For the first time, Monsta will feature the entire family of the country's superheroes in nostalgic scenes such as BoBoiBoy with his father Amato, Tok Aba and also Umi, BoBoiBoy's grandmother.

Even more surprising is the first appearance of BoBoiBoy’s mother who has always been a hot topic of conversation among the viewers of this animated series. Want to get a glimpse of what the mother of the country’s local superhero looks like? Make sure you watch the ‘Memori Eidulfitri’ advertisement which lasts for four and a half minutes until the end.

The ‘Memori Eidulfitri’ advertisement will be available on 7 May (Friday), at 8pm on Monsta’s official YouTube page as well as BoBoiBoy’s official Facebook. It will also be shown on television screens and major digital sites, not only in Malaysia, but will also be shown on Indonesian television stations


The festivities of Monsta does not stop there. Papa Pipi’s popular hymn, ‘Aneka Baju Raya’ sung by popular animated characters Papa Zola and Pipi Zola is now coming up with a new adaptation sung by famous celebrity Hannah Delisha.

The melodious voice of artist Hannah Delisha will make the listeners excited to paradey various types of raya costumes on Aidilfitri. The song 'Aneka Baju Raya' will be played on the country's major radio channels as well as digital music platforms. The full music video clip of Hanna Delisha's version of the song 'Aneka Baju Raya' can be viewed on Monsta's official YouTube, Facebook and Papa Pipi's official Tik Tok. 

The Aidilfitri celebration will indeed bring joy and memories of the past days filled with festive fun with the whole family. Despite the movement control orders that have been enforced for this year's festive season, Monsta hopes that the fans and spectators who will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri will continue to enliven this victory day of the Muslims with joy and gratitude, whether alone or with immediate family.