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Deputy Education Minister Shares Hari Raya Wishes; Puzzled M’sians Left Wondering Who He Is

‘Anak siapa ni?’

Deputy Education Minister Shares Hari Raya Wishes; Puzzled M’sians Left Wondering Who He Is
Hari Raya is almost upon us and greetings have started pouring in. 

Despite the somber mood this year as many won't be able to celebrate the festivites with their loved ones, wishes shared through various platforms often makes things a little better. 

While most of the time we know the people who wish us, there are times when you have a nagging feeling that you should know a person but you don't.

A confused bunch

That's exactly what happened to many Malaysians when they came across Hari Raya wishes from Deputy Education Minister Muslimin Yahaya.

On Wednesday (12 May), the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Education (@KemPendidikan) shared an e-greeting card graced by Muslimin.
The card was harmless enough, as it contained the words 'Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri'. 

There's just one problem though: nobody knew who Muslimin is.

Malaysians being Malaysians, hilarious responses were left on the post. 

No matter what is happening in the country, we can always rely on Malaysians to come up with humorous responses.


Muslimin, who?

Considering the many issues that the Education Ministry is facing, what with the opening and closing of schools, accusations of period checks and inappropriate sexual comments by educators and more, you'd think people would be more familiar with the deputy minister in charge of the ministry.

Unfortunately, that is not the case so we Googled him up. Here's some of the things we found out. 

Thumbs up for the responses.
Muslimin is a Member of Parliament for Sungai Besar, Selangor and was elected in 2018. He became the Deputy Education Minister I in 2020. (Yes, apparently there's another deputy education minister). 

He was in UMNO but when the party lost in 2018, he jumped to Bersatu. 

There's not a lot of relevant information about him, but we will, however, leave you with a Hari Raya song by the deputy minister to enjoy. 

Maybe if he starts contributing, people will know who he is next year.

Selamat Hari Raya, you guys!