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Malaysian Artist Turns McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging Into A Beautiful Piece Of Art


Malaysian Artist Turns McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging Into A Beautiful Piece Of Art
Recently, McDonald's BTS Meal took Malaysia by storm.

The special menu, which was a collaboration between the fast food chain and Korean boyband BTS, had die-hard fans going crazy, so much so that some even enshrined the limited edition packaging:

There were also those who took opportunity of the craze to sell the special packaging for a whole lot of money:

However, one Instagram influencer went a step further by turning the packaging into a piece of artwork.

A tribute to BTS

Mohd Nasrul Faiz Abu Azal, a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of the Korean boyband, wrote in an Instagram post that he was inspired to create something beautiful out of the special packaging.

Instead of enshrining the packaging like some of the fans do, Faiz decided to use the paper bags, boxes, cups, and even the foil lids of the sauce containers to repurpose them into art.

"(This is) a tribute to one of the best K-pop groups in the world and my way of showing support (for) upcycling!” he wrote on Instagram.

Turning packaging into artwork.
The artwork, which he aptly named ‘Army of the Galaxy’, features the official BTS logo as well as bits and pieces of the packaging.

He even uploaded a timelapse video of him working on the 2ft x 2ft art piece, which is actually kinda therapeutic to watch:

A post shared by Faizdickie (@faizdickievp)

Gave it away for a good cause

Initially, Faiz wanted to bid off the art, but he decided not to do so after taking into the account the struggle some Malaysians are facing due to the pandemic.

Instead, the good man hosted a giveaway where he wanted to present the art as a gift to one lucky winner.

"Considering that now is a critical time financially for all of us, I feel like it’s not right to sell this painting. Plus, some of (my followers) have expressed worries from a legal perspective as well.

"So I don’t want to have headaches over this, I am going to give this painting to one of you guys, BTS Army, for free," he wrote.

A post shared by Faizdickie (@faizdickievp)

At the end of the day, a lucky winner was chosen, and she was Nadeema Kamaruddin, who commented that she discovered her love for BTS through her young daughter.

"Her last statement, ‘Maybe my daughter can keep (the painting) later when I’m no longer around and eventually she can share this memory with her own daughter too’, made me think that the painting will be in good hands," Faiz wrote.

That's a very nice thing you did there, Faiz. We have a feeling that the lucky winner will cherish the painting.