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12-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Receives Football Scholarship From Brazil Academy

Well done!

12-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Receives Football Scholarship From Brazil Academy
It is said that opportunity does not knock twice on any man's door, but fortunately for Uzzair Zayyan Zainuddin, the adage is not always true. 

The 12-year-old was chosen to join an international football camp in the Netherlands with European Club Ajax Amsterdam under the sponsorship of TH Global Football Camp last year, but the programme was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, he has been offered another opportunity to pursue his passion in football. 

Football scholarship for the lad

He may be young, but he's talented.
According to a Bernama report, Uzzair will soon be studying and training at the British International School Phuket, Thailand beginning August. 

The boy from Perlis, who plays as a midfielder, has been awarded a yearly scholarship of RM120,000, and will be absorbed into the High Performance Team run by the Cruzerio Football Academy Brazil. 

Uzzair is a Akedemi Tunas Kangar trainee under the National Football Development Program since 2016, and have joined the ranks of other Malaysian teens at the academy. 

He also played for the KSMR Kangar Junior (Under 9) team and the Kangar 09 Dragons (Under 10-12) football club, participating in many football champshionships around the world.

Great opportunity
He will be training with other footballers from all over the world following the Brazil academy's module. 

We wish Uzzair all the best and hope to see him playing professionally on international platforms soon!