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Nescafé Brings Back Kopitiam Memories With Their Brand New Packaging And Flavours

Oh, how we miss them.

Nescafé Brings Back Kopitiam Memories With Their Brand New Packaging And Flavours
All Malaysians know the feeling of heading to their favourite kopitiam and ordering a cup of kopi panas.

We obviously can't do that now (boo, MCO!), but we can still have the next best thing.

Inspired by our kopitiams

Nescafé has recently undergone a makeover, and their new branding is something we Malaysians are familiar with: the good ol' taste of kopitiam coffee.

The new Nescafé Kopitiam Series features a brand new packaging and two new flavours: the Nescafé Kopi-C and Nescafé Kopi Cham.

The new Nescafé Kopi Cham is a combination of tea and coffee, while Nescafé Kopi-C has a smoother blend of coffee and milk. These two flavours are recognised as popular coffee choices in the local coffee shops.

But the most noticeable change has got to be the new designs on the cans.

They were inspired by the vibrant interior of a typical Malaysian kopitiam. Old school yet trendy, Nescafé says they strive to connect with Malaysians to recreate this reminiscence, and feel proud of this heritage.

With the familiar taste that all Malaysians know and grew up loving, Nescafé aims to bring that concept to life in a can by giving it a contemporary look for today’s savvy coffee drinkers without compromising on its authenticity.

Here's the complete range of local coffee in the Nescafé Kopitiam Series:
  • Nescafé Tarik
  • Nescafé Tarik Kaw
  • Nescafé Kopi-O
  • Nescafé White Coffee
  • Nescafé Ice 

The Nescafé Kopitiam Series is now e available nationwide at all participating retail outlets and also on e-commerce sites, so remember to get yourself a few cans to try.