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Lovin' It (Too Much): BTS Meal Mania Forces Several McDonald's Outlets In Indonesia To Close

Too much demand.

Lovin' It (Too Much): BTS Meal Mania Forces Several McDonald's Outlets In Indonesia To Close
We feel like we don't need to tell you just how sought after the McDonald's BTS Meal was in Malaysia when it went on sale late last month:

However, the craze was nothing compared to when the limited edition menu went on sale in Indonesia recently.

Invaded by delivery riders

In fact, when the BTS Meal, a special menu picked by the boys of the South Korean band themselves, was introduced in McDonald’s Indonesia, the demand was so high that it forced several of the fast food’s outlets in the country to close.

Entertainment website Koreaboo reported that as many as 13 McDonald’s outlets were forced to shut their doors due to safety concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stuck and nowhere to go.
According to the report, the buying frenzy began just hours after the BTS Meal was launched, and due to the current pandemic situation, many ordered online using the Gojek food delivery service as the country is in partial lockdown.

That reportedly sent a wave of Gojek drivers to several McDonald’s outlets in the city of Jakarta and other locales around the area, leaving no room for any kind of social distancing to be practiced.

As such, the authorities had no choice but to temporarily close the outlets and have them stop selling the BTS Meal.

Dozens of delivery riders raided McDonald's.
The BTS Meal mania is real though, as the report also quoted Business Insider as saying that visits to the McDonald's outlets in the United States increased 12 per cent during the first seven days of the BTS Meal promotion compared to the week before.

Well, we guess the BTS Army is coming out to support their favourite band in full force.