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Govt Department Donates 1.5 Tonnes Of Confiscated Frozen Chicken To Zoo Negara

Chicken party, yay!

Govt Department Donates 1.5 Tonnes Of Confiscated Frozen Chicken To Zoo Negara
The various movement control orders (MCOs) have been hard on our local zoo operators.

But thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted Malaysians such as Ebit Lew and the authorities from the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (Maqis), our animal friends will not go hungry.

Frozen chicken was confiscated

On Sunday (20 June), Maqis donated over 1.5 tonnes of frozen chicken to Zoo Negara to feed the animals.

According to New Straits Times, the frozen chicken is worth around RM15,000.

On top of that, another 500kg of frozen chicken was donated to to a prison in Pahang.

Our animal friends will have a party tonight!
Kelantan Maqis director Roslan Che At told the daily that the frozen chicken were confiscated by various agencies in the state in a series of operations statewide recently.

"The frozen chicken was given to the zoo to ensure enough food supply for the animals there as well as to supply food for the prison's rehabilitation programme," he said in a statement quoted by NST.

Roslan added that the department will continue to help any agency that needed food supply for their animals, which we think is an awesome move because instead of letting the frozen food go to waste, our animal friends get to have a food party.

A continued effort

This isn't the first time Maqis has donated confiscated frozen food to Zoo Negara.

Back in March, they sent eight tonnes of contraband frozen chicken to Zoo Negara to be used as food supply for the animals.

The meat, which was seized by various enforcement agencies between December and January, had been brought into Malaysia through ungazetted roads without proper documents.

The meat supply is believed to be worth RM66,088.

Not all heroes wear capes. Well done, Maqis! Please continue donating contraband frozen food to our animal friends.