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This Drive-Thru PPV Is The First In M'sia, Meant To Ease Vaccination Process For The Disabled

How cool!

This Drive-Thru PPV Is The First In M'sia, Meant To Ease Vaccination Process For The Disabled
Getting your COVID-19 shot can be quite a daunting experience for some. Who likes needles, right?

Now, suppose you're a person with a disability. In can be additionally stressful as you not only have to be mentally prepared for the cucuk but you also need to find out if the vaccination centre (PPV) has adequate facilities to cater to your needs.

Hoping to make it a more pleasant experience for the disabled community, NGO Persatuan OKU Sentral set up a drive-thru PPV, the first of its kind in Malaysia. 

Just drive right in.

"OKU Sentral president Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi first initiated the idea and people just loved it. 

"The main difference is that our PPV is a drive-thru. You don't have to get down from your vehicle at all. You can scan from there, get your shot in the car and we even have a photobooth at the end that can fit your whole vehicle," said OKU Sentral deputy president Ahmad Daniel when contacted by Rojak Daily

Vaccinated and I didn't have to leave my car.

The unique drive-thru PPV located at Sime Darby Plantations, Ara Damansara operates from 9am to 5pm and can cater to about 200 vehicles a day. 

Hoping to increase vaccinations soon

"We have plenty of volunteers at our PPV and with their help, we hope to increase the number of daily vaccinations to about 300 to 400 cars soon.

It's really a more pleasant experience for people with disabilities and their caregivers as they can get their shots without having to leave their vehicles," explained Ahmad Daniel. 

All smiles after being vaccinated.

"Other than that, we also have volunteers who can communicate in sign language and even set up a calming room for those who are Autistic. 

"Seeing needles or going through an unfamiliar process can be stressful for an autistic person and the room helps them calm down and cope with this very new experince," he added.

Ahmad Daniel said that the response from the community has been overwhelming since the drive-thru centre opened about a week ago. 

"Unfortunately, we are unable to accept more people at the moment. We will need several months to sort out the current number of registrations," he said. 

When asked about a possible second drive-thru centre, Ahmad Daniel said that there has been no news of anything like that at the moment.

We hope that the government sees the importance of such drive-thru centres and duplicates the initiative soon. 

It will be such a relief for people with disabilities and their caregivers.