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Malaysian Songster Shiha Zikir Wins US Music Award For Her Single 'Aewo'


Malaysian Songster Shiha Zikir Wins US Music Award For Her Single 'Aewo'
A Malaysian singer has made the country proud by winning an international award.

Yes, Shiha Zikir recently won the Best of Asia (Asian Pop) award at the recent InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) 2021 in Los Angeles, USA, for her single 'Aewo'.

Dark yet beautiful


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The single, which was released last year by Todak Music, was composed by Ezra Kong.

Rapper Noki from local group K-Clique was also featured in it.

The single contains some dark elements as it is about a woman who uses black magic to attract the affection of the man she dreams of.

The song's content drew some negative criticism when it was released, but it had certainly caught the attention of ICMA’s panel of judges made up of Hollywood music executives and industry professional.

"I couldn't believe it. I was told that 'Aewo' was nominated about a week ago.

"But only after my management informed me of the win and I had time to calm down did I truly realise that it wasn't a dream.

"This represents a meaningful win that raises my spirits," Shiha was quoted as saying in a report in News Straits Times.

She added that while some may doubt her winning an US award, she didn’t care about it and she will cherish the win for a long time.

ICMA was established in 2011 and recognises musicians and musical artists from around the world for their hard work and talent.

Congratulations! We can't wait to hear more music from you.