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Man Uploads Video Of RM500 ‘Durian Runtuh' As A Joke; Receives Call From Minister Interested To Buy It

Lucky durian!

Man Uploads Video Of RM500 ‘Durian Runtuh' As A Joke; Receives Call From Minister Interested To Buy It
The term ‘durian runtuh’ in Malay means receiving unexpected profit.

However, if taken in the literal sense, it means ‘fallen durian fruit’.

A man in Shah Alam recently got to experience both.

It all started when a durian fell on his car and broke his rear windshield.

'Durian runtuh' literally and figuratively

Wan Mahussin Wan Zain then uploaded a video in which he jokingly offered the durian for sale for RM500.

In the video, he said the durian was special because the fruit never hit the ground.

“The durian was from a tree that we have in front of my house and we usually have a netting to catch it before it hits the ground. However, this durian may have fallen through a small gap and landed on my car instead,” the 27-year-old told LifestyleTech, as reported in The Star.
He said he was upset after finding out the cost to repair the damage on his car will be around RM500.
“I decided to make a video where I offered the durian for RM500 just for fun, as a way to make myself feel better. I uploaded the video onto a Facebook group where local small farmers usually gather to talk about produce,” he said.

He said his video was also shared on Twitter by social media users.

“I got a lot of different reactions. Some said it was good that I never lost my cool, while some people got upset with me as well because they didn’t watch the full video. Later they apologised and said the video made them laugh,” he said.

However, the thing that really threw him off his guard was when the video got noticed by Human Resources Minister Datuk Sri M. Saravanan.
Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan

Saravanan, who watched the video, decided to purchase the durian.

Sadly, Wan Mahussin and his family had already devoured the thorny fruit by then.

“I got a call from the minister who said he really wanted to purchase the durian to try it. But I told him that I’ve already eaten it with my family and never intended to sell it,” he said.

Despite that, the kind minister still sent him the money to help him repair his car.

“Yes, he sent more than what I needed. I used the rest of the money to help people through my Dapur Lockdown initiative to feed the needy in my area,” he said.

Great job, YB!