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Move Aside, Bkt Jalil Stadium! The Istana Balai Besar Is Now The Most Insta-Worthy COVID-19 PPV

How cool is that?

Move Aside, Bkt Jalil Stadium! The Istana Balai Besar Is Now The Most Insta-Worthy COVID-19 PPV
For a lot of Malaysians, going for their vaccination appointments is something of an event. From preparing the perfect outfit for the day to taking pictures with props at vaccination centres, it's the most excitement Malaysians get nowadays. 

But for select Kelantanese residents, the day is going to be even more special as Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V has given his consent for Istana Balai Besar in the state to be used as COVID-19 vaccination centre for five days.

This is not the first time the palace has allowed vaccination programme to be held there, Bernama reports. 

Such a pretty sight.
Comptroller of the Royal Household Datuk Tengku Azmi Tengku Jaafar said Istana Balai Besar reportedly said that the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme at the palace, organised by the Office of the Sultan of Kelantan in collaboration with the state Health Department, was first held in June involving 350 officers and palace staff. 

"Meanwhile, for this programme, about 2,000 recipients are expected to receive the vaccine with 1,000 of them are the locals while the rest will be the staff and relatives of the Kelantan Palace," he told reporters at the palace. 

Sultan commends those who have registered for vaccination

The report also stated that Sultan Muhammad V commended his subjects who have registered to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

He also urged everyone in the state and outside of the state to take the threat of the virus seriously. 

His Highness also thanked frontliners and Ministry of Health (MOH) staff for their contribution during this pandemic.

Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V
“They have worked tirelessly to serve all levels of the society and to ensure that the spike in cases can be reduced as soon as possible,” Tengku Azmi said. 

We wish we could get vaccinated at a palace too but too bad we're not from Kelantan. 

Listen to the Sultan and register for vaccination, guys! Even if the location you get yours won't be nearly as fancy as the palace.