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Saga Power! A Mint 1989 Proton Saga Has Just Won A Classic Car Event In The UK

Malaysia pride.

Saga Power! A Mint 1989 Proton Saga Has Just Won A Classic Car Event In The UK
It is not every day that a Proton car make headlines for winning international awards.

So when one did, you can be sure that we Malaysians will celebrate.

Proton Saga power!

Looks brand new.
A mint 1989 Proton 1.5 GL Black Knight Edition has won the top prize at a classic car event held in the United Kingdom over the weekend.

According to automotive site, the car owned by one Jon Coupland won the Concours de l’Ordinaire at event (also known as the Festival of the Unexceptional) organised by Hagerty, a classic car insurance provider, at the Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire on Saturday (31 July).

To make the win more remarkable, Coupland, a police officer, is 30 years old - which actually makes him younger than his Proton Saga!

How about that?
Coupland's Proton Saga beat 49 other contestants to take the top prize, the website reported.

However, it is important to note that this event is unlike other classic car event; the Festival of the Unexceptional celebrate normal every day cars that are typically 'unloved' and boring, so Coupland didn't beat our classic Ferraris or Bugattis to win the event.

Only one left in the UK

Despite that, Coupland's Proton Saga is still pretty rare -- one-of-a-kind, quite literally.

According to How Many Left, a website that tracks vehicles registered in the UK, Coupland owns the only Proton Saga Black Knight Edition in the country.
Coupland is the third owner of the Proton Saga.

The first owner kept the car in his garage just four years into its life, with 5,800km on its odometer. The car was sold to its second owner in 2017, and the owner clocked another 16,000km.

Coupland bought the car in 2019 and it is now sparingly used to be displayed at car events like the Festival of the Unexceptional. 

Hang on to the Proton Saga, Coupland. You've got yourself a treasure there.