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KL Baker Sells Cakes At RM5.30 For The Underprivileged Despite Selling Them At A Loss

So kind!

KL Baker Sells Cakes At RM5.30 For The Underprivileged Despite Selling Them At A Loss
Her business may run at a loss, but that doesn’t stop a baker from Kuala Lumpur from selling her goods at an affordable price.

Nur Rasziah Fhasyarini Sharolanuar has been selling her cakes for RM5.30 to underprivileged families even though the cost to make the cakes reach up to RM8.

“It doesn’t matter if I have to cover RM2.70 for each of the cakes sold as long as it is able to bring joy to a family.

“On certain days, I also give out free cakes to poor families.

“I love children and it makes me happy to see them celebrating their birthdays with a delicious cake,” she said, as reported by Malay Mail.

Spreading joy amidst the pandemic

It's hard enough for adults to do without little joys in life during these hard times, but it's even harder to explain to children why they can't even have a cake on their birthdays. 

Nur Rasziah was faced with this situation when a customer walked in to her bakery and asked the price of a cupcake. 

Rasziah shared she started selling her cakes at an affordable price when she discovered the customer struggling to pay for a box of cupcakes for her child’s birthday.

She told Malay Mail that the customer asked for the price of only one cupcake and puzzled her.

“Later, I realised that she was facing financial problems and so I decided to bake a cake that she could pay whatever amount she had.

“I just couldn’t sell her a cupcake because how is the family supposed to celebrate the child’s birthday over one cupcake?

“She told me that she only had RM5.30 in her wallet as money in her savings account would be used to pay for household expenses.”

Nur Rasziah then asked her to pay what she had.

She added that she loves baking cakes for her kids and witnessing the joy on their faces whenever they saw their decorated cakes.

That inspired her to bake cakes for the underprivileged.

Contact Nur Rasziah’s Facebook if you want to try her cakes.