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4 Things Water Can Do To Your Body If You’re Properly Hydrated


There are other benefits to staying hydrated.

4 Things Water Can Do To Your Body If You’re Properly Hydrated
We really do not need to tell you how important water is to your body, and how important it is for you to stay hydrated.

The average human can go more than three weeks without food. But water? It is a different case. At least 60 per cent of our bodies is made out of water.

You're basically made of water.
Hence, living cells need water to function.

In fact, here are some things that water can do to your body (if you have enough of it, of course):

#1 It delivers oxygen throughout your body

Water is your body's vehicle.
The blood in your body is made up of 90 per cent water, so when you have enough water in your body, it helps carry oxygen to all your vital organs. Think of it like a river that carries fishes to the ocean; it works almost the same way.

#2 It can help prevent headaches

A recent study revealed that dehydration can trigger headaches or migraines in some people, so the next time you feel your head is pounding, chug down some water. Several studies have shown that water can help relieve headaches, especially when a person is dehydrated.

#3 It lubricates your joints

Feel that your knees are always aching? Try drinking more water. Your cartilage consists of 80 per cent water, so keeping yourself hydrated would ensure that your joints are lubricated. If you’re dehydrated all the time, it can reduce your joint’s shock-absorbing capability in the long run, thus leading to joint pains.

#4 It can help with weight loss

Well, the act of drinking more water itself won’t help you lose weight (you’ll still need to exercise for that to happen), but when you substitute sugary drinks water with water every time you have a craving, it’ll help you with your weight loss goal. Also, ‘preloading’ yourself with water before any meal would help you feel full, so eliminating the possibility of you overeating.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s the month of Ramadan and Muslims typically fast for close to 14 hours a day, so what is the best way to stay hydrated when we fast during Ramadhan?

2-4-2 is the magic number

We have a good method for you to try, courtesy of CUCKOO Malaysia.

This Ramadan season, all you need to remember is the ‘2-4-2’ method to stay hydrated. Here’s how:
  • Drink two glasses of water during suhoor (pre-dawn meal)
  • Drink four glasses during iftar (breaking of fast)
  • Drink two more glasses before going to sleep.

That’s the ‘2-4-2’ method to help you stay hydrated during the fasting month. It is so effective, in fact, our national astronaut Dato’ Sheikh Muszaphar and his family practiced this method:

What about you? Are you following the 2-4-2 rule this Ramadhan? For more information, check out CUCKOO’s website.