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China Releases First Image Of An Albino Giant Panda, And It's So Cute!

Can we bring it home, please?

China Releases First Image Of An Albino Giant Panda, And It's So Cute!
We’re sure that you’ve all seen pandas; the adorable bear with a distinct black and white fur.

However, we are pretty sure that you have never seen pandas which are white all over.

Yes, apparently, such pandas do exist.

According to South China Morning Post, China has released the world’s first ever photograph of an albino giant panda.

The report, quoting China News Service, said the panda was walking through the Wolong National Nature Reserve in the southwestern province of Sichuan last month when its image was captured by a motion activated camera at an altitude of about 2,000 metres above sea level.

Hello there, cutie pie!
The albino panda had snowy white hair and claws, as well as red eyes.

A researcher at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences, Li Sheng, told the news portal the finding shows a gene mutation in the giant panda population, which means the bear is more noticeable in its environment and more sensitive to the sun.

"Judging from the photo, the panda is physically strong and taking steady steps, suggesting the gene mutation is not affecting its normal life," he was quoted as saying.

The nature reserve reportedly would be installing more motion cameras to monitor the panda and its activities.