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Here's How To Unlock The 'Flying Face' Game Everyone Is Playing On Instagram

Blink to win.

Here's How To Unlock The 'Flying Face' Game Everyone Is Playing On Instagram
If you are constantly finding it boring scrolling through your Instagram timeline or watching your friend's gym sessions on Instagram Stories, there’s a game that is made just for you.

The latest fad to hit the popular social media site is a game that requires you to blink your eyes really fast, and if you, like us over here at Rojak Daily, are always on Instagram, you would've noticed your friends posting about the game on their Instagram Stories.

So, what exactly is this game and how do you get it on your Instagram profile? Read on.

A familiar, umm, face

You can even play it with friends. 
The blinking game is called Flying Face, and it is actually an Instagram filter that you can play via Instagram stories.
The Flying Face filter was developed by a Russian Instagram user who called himself 'dvoshansky' and the filter began gaining popularity a couple of weeks ago.

Same same, but different.
If you're thinking, 'Hey, I swear I've seen this before', you're absolutely right; Flying Face was based on once-upon-a-time popular mobile game called Flappy Bird developed by Vietnamese video game artist and programmer Dong Nguyen. 

If you're wondering why you can't find the game on Google Play or the Apple App Store anymore, that's because Nguyen decided to take it down because the game "ruined my life". Have a read here.

How do you play it?

The same way you play Flappy Bird, but instead of using your finger to tap the screen, you use your eyes and blink.

To control the movement of the little bird with your face on it, you need to blink your eyes. Blinking your eyes once will make your bird 'fly' up, so to maintain it in the air, you need to blink continuously.

The more you blink, the higher you go.

Your goal is to navigate the bird as far as you can through a series of green pipes. Sounds easy right? Spoiler alert: it's not.

How to get Flying Face on Instagram

So, in order to unlock and play this game, you first have to follow the developer on his Instagram account by clicking here.

Once that's done, you can restart your app and the filter will be automatically delivered to your page's filter drawer.

Just look for an egg with a wing.
To launch the filter, just look for the game's icon which looks like an egg with a wing and voila! 

You can now play the game everyone is playing until your eyes 'bengkak'.