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Coffee Bean Unveils New And Improved Coffees For Your 'Atas' Taste Buds

Good news for you coffee lovers out there.

Coffee Bean Unveils New And Improved Coffees For Your 'Atas' Taste Buds
If you're a true coffee drinker, like us people here at Rojak Daily, you'll know that not all coffee beans taste the same.

Every experienced coffee drinker has a personal favourite, but sometimes you need something more than your tried and trusted blend.

Traditionally, coffee houses use a blend of beans from multiple sources to formulate an espresso base suitable for its range of beverages. The coffee will still be good, but it lacks that 'oomph' factor because, well, when you mix too many coffee beans together, you'll lose that original scent.

For this reason, single origin coffees are making waves among coffee lovers, as their more refined and nuanced flavour profiles tantalise the senses with unique characteristics.

Now, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) offers customers a revived tradition with Espresso Reimagined, a trio of coffee beans comprising of the Ristretto shot, Gibraltar Americano and Gibraltar Latte

These three coffee are based on single origin beans sourced from Ethiopia’s famous Yirgacheffe region.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans used to produce the Ristretto and Gibraltar beverages are famous for their Jasmine aroma and pronounced lemon flavour, with a delicate sparkle, smooth body, and clean finish.

To preserve these characteristics, the beans are lightly roasted, then brewed as a ‘restricted shot’, using less water and more coffee. By restricting the amount of water flowing through the coffee, this method produces Ristretto, an espresso shot with intense flavour. 

Single origin coffees have been at the heart of CB&TL since 1963, and this latest collection revisits how coffee was traditionally enjoyed before blends became commonplace, while honouring the exclusive qualities of beans grown in different geographic locations. 

You can now get the single origin coffees at 30 CB&LT stores (with 50 stores by year-end). The Ristretto single shot goes for RM8.60, the Gibraltar Americano at RM10.05 and the Gibraltar Latte at RM13.15 per shot.