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FamilyMart Introduces Their Own Pocket-Friendly Boba Milk Tea!

The boba craze is still here in Malaysia.

FamilyMart Introduces Their Own Pocket-Friendly Boba Milk Tea!
Do you still have boba milk tea fever? Do you drink it like it’s water on a daily basis? Always on the hunt for the newest boba on the block?

Well, we’ve got some sweet news for you because the boba milk tea craze isn’t dying any time soon in Malaysia.

In fact, FamilyMart has also recently jumped on the whole boba bandwagon by introducing their very own Brown Sugar Bubble Milk.

Some people say it's not too sweet which is a win in our books.
FamilyMart’s spin on this trendy drink features imported Taiwan brown sugar bubble and 100 per cent fresh creamy milk.

The biggest selling point is that their bubble tea is priced lower compared to all the other boba milk teas in the market during the promotional period – only RM4.90 (NP: RM6.90) per cup!

However, to enjoy that pocket-friendly price, you need to like FamilyMart Malaysia’s Facebook page and show it to the FamilyMart staff. The deal ends 25 June or while stocks last.

So guys, time to ditch those other boba tea shops that charge you two or even three times the price of what you should be paying and head to FamilyMart instead!