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National Geographic Announced Its 2019 Travel Photo Contest Winners And We're Blown Away!

We wish to have that much talent too

National Geographic Announced Its 2019 Travel Photo Contest Winners And We're Blown Away!

Photographer Weimin Chu beat thousand of other contestants to win the National Geographic 2019 Travel Photo Contest with his entry titled 'Greenlandic Winter'. 

The image of a family walking down the empty streets of  the colourful fishing village of Upernavik is charming and showcases the unique history of the Greenlandic people's culture of painting buildings to indicate its function. 

National Geographic
In an interview with National Geographic, Chu had said that he found the structure, colours and mood of the scene "nice" from the slope near the airport he was viewing it. 

Chu submitted his winning entry under the 'Cities' category and won the grand prize, which earned him USD7,500 (RM31,222) and a post on National Geographic Travel's Instagram

The rest of his pictures taken in Greenland is also worth seeing, including one that shows a lit up Upernavik shaped like a Christmas tree. 

National Geographic
The first prize for the 'nature' category was won by Tamara Blazquez Haik, who submitted an image of a griffon vulture captured at Monfrague National Park in Spain. 

National Geographic
In the caption, the photographer explained the importance of vultures in the ecosystem and the unwarranted hate they get. 

For the 'people' category, the jury chose the work of Huaifeng Li, who shared an image of opera singers getting ready for a performance in China. 

National Geographic
The photographer spent a whole day with the actors - from the time they put on the make up to performing on the stage - and captured the interesting process of Chinese Opera performances, one of which was the winning photograph. 

You can download the images to be used as wallpaper for your desktop, tablet and phone here

There are also other photographs that won the second and third prizes, as well as honorable mentions on the page. 

If you appreciate good photography skills, you'll love this collection. Because we did.