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What's New With The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 And The Note 10+

It looks kinda cool and has some impressive features

What's New With The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 And The Note 10+

Fans of Samsung Galaxy Note, rejoice! The Korean brand has launched the much-anticipated Galaxy Note10 and 10+ in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, even the pre-orders are fully booked, but worry not – you can still place your orders and the company will deliver.

For the first time, Note comes in two sizes – 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches. Both sizes come with Dynamic AMOLED display, which gives you a brighter view of photos and videos than previous Note models.

It also offers a wide colour range and the Eye Comfort Display reduces blue light without compromising the colour quality.

Here's what's new with Samsung's brand new smartphones:

#1 The upgraded S Pen

The S Pen re-invented.
We were pretty excited about the S Pen that has seen some upgrades.

Building on Note 9’s Low Energy Enabled S Pen, Note 10 now has the additional feature of Air Actions.

That’s right. You can now flip through your pictures and documents, zoom in and out, control your camera and much more just by flicking your S Pen in the air.

You can even customise what action has what effects!

You can also use the pen to write texts, which can be instantly converted into digital form that you can then customise – enlarge, shrink, tilt or add effects, whatever catches your fancy.

This feature makes it so much easier to jot down quick notes that can be easily changed into more professional documents with proper formatting and such.

#2 Better connectivity between devices

Literally plug and play.
Moving your work from your phones to your PC also just got easier with the upgrade to Samsung DeX.

With just one USB that connects both devices, you can now just drag and drop your files and even use your favourite apps with a mouse and a keyboard.

#3 Advanced video features

Wide lens allows you to capture wider picturesIf you’re someone who looks for good camera quality in a smartphone, you’re going to love the Samsung Galaxy Note10, especially the video features.

With features like Live Focus Video, you can adjust the depth-of-field to suit your needs – blur the background or bring it into focus, whichever works.

The zoom-in mic fitted into the device helps to cut background noise and sharpen the audio that you want.

If you have arms that gets tired easily or like taking videos as you walk or run, you’ll be happy to know that Super Steady feature is there to save your day. You can have a steady video even when you’re moving with this new feature.

#4 Cool built-in features

The best part about the new camera features? You don’t have to wait to edit and upload your videos.

Edit your videos on your phone
It’s super easy to edit and even make short movies with the Galaxy Note 10, or so Samsung claims.

We also found the AR Doodle and 3D scanner an interesting addition to the phone’s feature.

You can basically add doodles to the pictures you’re intending to take and when you move your phone, it acts like the doodles are 3D.

Sort of like when you’re playing 'Harry Potter Wizards Unite' using the AR feature, as you move, you can see the 3D effect of the image.

You can also shoot an image of anything you fancy and make it look 3D instead of the usual 2D images you get when you take pictures on your phones.

#5 Super, super fast charging

Super fast charging is awesome.
Perhaps one of the most convenient thing about the smartphone is that you only need to charge it for 30 minutes to use it for a whole day.

We can’t attest to this yet, but it’ll be really cool if it’s true.

You can own one too!The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+ are priced at RM3,699 and RM4,119 respectively for devices with 256GB.

The Galaxy Note 10+ that comes with 512GB, meanwhile, is priced at RM4,799

Head on over to Samsung Malaysia's website for more information.