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Proposals That Will Bring You To ‘Tiers’

Forget Met Gala, these proposals are the red carpet of it all!

Proposals That Will Bring You To ‘Tiers’
When that time comes, how do you 'pop' the question to your loved one? It’s 2019, romantic candlelight dinner? Please, those days are over. As social media platform rises, millennials tend to make their proposals distinct and well-recognized. Not only would you have to impress your significant other but not to forget, THE REST OF THE WORLD (or your 236 friends on Instagram)!
Call it crazy but this is the big catch for many millennials. The crazier the better, are we right? Check out these cool and out-of-this-world proposals! Who knows, you might be one of these crazies.
Love is in the Air, literally


How about a proposal for a helicopter pilot? In this case, let her do a perfect helicopter landing in the heart! Check out the full video below;

Unforgettable Post-It Proposal


The stationery shop must be out of posts-it that day. Oh well, we’re not crying, you are. A must watch proposal, so please click the link below and get a box tissue ready.

A Perfect Gameplay!


He wins a game; she wins at life. Definitely a win-win situation! Check out the full video below, you might want to check out his team’s reaction too. The best!

Til’ Death do us Part


Unless it’s faking an injury in the hospital, then why not? As surprised as she was, we sure hope she didn’t ‘drop dead’. Click the link below and let us know if this is not going the extra mile!

Wedding proposals are becoming a trend and definitely crazier by the day with amazingly thought-out proposal ideas. Pretty insane and mind-blowing if you ask us but for these lovebirds, it was all they have ever dreamt off!