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Confirmed: White Rabbit Candy Is Officially ‘Haram’ In M'sia As It Contains Pig DNA

Our childhood is a lie, guys.

Confirmed: White Rabbit Candy Is Officially ‘Haram’ In M'sia As It Contains Pig DNA
For the past few months, the halal status of the popular 90s candy White Rabbit has been up for debate in Malaysia, especially after some boba tea operators and ice cream makers have been incorporating their candy into their products.

Back in May, the Brunei government has certified the candy as non-halal after lab tests showed that the candy contains pig protein.

And now, we finally have a definitive answer on its halal status in our country.

According to Channel News Asia, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religion) Fuziah Salleh confirmed that the White Rabbit Candy is not halal as it contained traces of pig and cow DNA.

Remember how excited you were when you found out you could eat the clear plastic?
Several lab tests were conducted on the candy by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) to verify its ingredients.

“Based on (the investigation), the pig and cow DNA which we analysed came out positive," Fuziah said.

“We suspect that the ingredients used in the White Rabbit candy may include gelatin."

When you find out it's haram all along:
She added that Muslim consumers should be aware of the products they’re buying to ensure that it has been ceritifed halal. She also advised JAKIM to write letters to the relevant ministries for further investigations as the product does not specify the type of gelatin used.

“The ingredients used are unclear and can confuse consumers.”

So guys, our whole childhood has been a lie. We Muslims can no longer enjoy the candy until they come up with a halal version of it.