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Two Men Created A Website To Educate People About The Haze


Two Men Created A Website To Educate People About The Haze
Malaysia is one tropical country that doesn’t have any major seasons, but it looks like the haze season is quickly becoming a part and parcel of our lives.
The sad thing is, we just have to pretend to not see the thick fog while we go around doing our daily activities, simply because there’s really not much we can do about it.

And that’s all the motivation needed by Nattu Adnan, a CTO of an animation company, and Suresh Tan, a manager at an MNC, to create

Sorry, we can't see you.
According to Malay Mail, the duo built the site that goes beyond just displaying the Air Pollution Index (API), over the long weekend.

“Despite various warnings, we still see Malaysians walking around without proper masks even when the air quality has dropped to unhealthy levels.

"We want to create awareness on expected symptoms of exposure, as well as a reminder the public to wear the right kind of mask,” said Suresh.

Among the unique features of the website include information on what different levels of API does to the body, a real-time wind direction map, a 'Know Your Masks' section and the Cigarette Scale, which shows the air quality relative to cigarettes.

“Some users were intrigued by the information we shared, for example the quality of air in the car is actually not as clean as perceived.

"And it prompted them to consider wearing masks while driving or getting an air purifier for their car. We are glad users are having these revelations, so will definitely focus to make more information like this available in the upcoming updates,” Nattu was quoted by the news portal as saying.

Since its launch, the portal has had over 10,000 visitors - which is 10,000 visitors more than what we have here at Rojak Daily (insert sad face emoji here). 

You can check out the website by clicking here, and we recommend that you do it because it is very informative.