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Indonesian Flick ‘Dua Garis Biru’ Set To Meet Malaysian Viewers Soon

Yeap, it’s the double line stick test we’re talking about.

Indonesian Flick ‘Dua Garis Biru’ Set To Meet Malaysian Viewers Soon
We all know that when it comes to Indonesian films, you can expect the best horror flicks from them.

But soon, a new movie that is set to push the boundary and taboos in Indonesia will be making its way to our soil.

Dua Garis Biru’ tells the tale of two teenagers, Bima and Dara, who are both deeply in love. Of course, teenagers being teenagers, both of them got carried away, which eventually resulted in Dara’s pregnancy.

Imagine two 17-year-olds facing a situation so unfamiliar to them, fearing for their lives and futures especially in a society that shuns teen pregnancy and considers it a taboo – what will they do?

The pair try to make it work despite the challenges thrown at them (read: unhappy parents, rich kid poor kid sob story, and self-doubt), but can they stay strong until Dara delivers the baby?

The coming-of-age film received rave review from critics and fans in Indonesia after the film premiered back in July this year.

Starring Lulu Tobing, Angga Aldi Yunanda, Dwi Sasono, Cut Mini Theo, and Adhisty Zara, you can find out how good is ‘Dua Garis Biru’ soon as it will premiere in cinemas nationwide starting 3 October 2019.