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There's A New Carpooling App In Town, And You Only Need To Share The Cost With The Driver

Singaporean company RYDE coming to Malaysia.

There's A New Carpooling App In Town, And You Only Need To Share The Cost With The Driver

There's nothing more annoying than getting stuck in a traffic jam for hours, especially when you're the one driving every time. 

If you wish that some days you can just not drive without paying crazy amount of money for taxis and e-hailing cars (let's face it, trains and buses are not always feasible for some of us), you may want to check out RydePool

First started in Singapore, Ryde offers an app that allows people to connect with others who travel the same route to carpool. 

Is Ryde any good?
How is it different from your usual e-hailing apps like Grab or MyCar, you may ask?

For one, the business module used in Malaysia is not-for-profit. Instead of paying someone a fixed rate to pick and send you as you wish, you will be hitching a ride from someone who's already traveling on the same route. 

Instead, the app will suggest a certain amount you can pay the driver, taking into account the distance travelled, petrol, toll and car depreciation costs. 

Since you won't be paying the drivers or Ryde any commission, both parties won't be making a profit, hence the not-for-profit part. 

Ryde’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Terence Zou said that the transaction is similar to buying a friend who gave you a ride a drink or a meal. 

Terence Zou during the launch of RydePool app
He also said that not only is using RydePool a great way to save money, but it also provides a solution to traffic congestion and carbon emission. 

"Rather than making that daily commute to and from work or school alone in peak hour traffic jams, carpooling provides the opportunity to ride with someone going in the same direction.

"Not only will this help to ease road congestion, reduce your carbon footprint, and help save on commuting costs, it will also expand your network and the potential to make new friends,” he said. 

Will you be giving Ryde a try?
We're not sure about the making friends part, but not having to drive every day and helping to reduce congestion sounds pretty awesome. 

You can start downloading the app already and even sign up to become a driver, but you'll have to wait till 1 November to actually use the services. 

Click here to download Ryde from the Apple App Store, and if you're using Android, you can download the app from Google Play by clicking here.