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Malaysia Airlines Launches 'Fly Malaysia' Campaign To Attract Tourists To Visit Malaysia

Good effort there.

Malaysia Airlines Launches 'Fly Malaysia' Campaign To Attract Tourists To Visit Malaysia
Since the year 2020 is officially the 'Visit Malaysia' year, local brands and services are gearing up to help push Malaysia as a pretty awesome tourist destination.

The latest brand to jump on the bandwagon is national airline Malaysia Airlines, who recently launched a campaign to persuade the world to hang out in Malaysia.

'Fly Malaysia' is Malaysia Airlines’ latest brand campaign created to support Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020), The Star Online reported.

According to the report, the campaign is set to promote Malaysia to the world and the airline will be working closely with Tourism Malaysia for that.

“Malaysia Airlines first started in the golden age of commercial air travel. We have been serving Malaysia for over 70 years and today, we continue to serve the country by covering over 1,000 destinations via our airline partners.

Hello, welcome to Malaysia!
“With Fly Malaysia, the Malaysian experience comes alive the moment a traveller steps onboard our aircraft and for Malaysians, it’s the familiar feeling of being at home, wherever their journey goes.

“As for the airline, Fly Malaysia simply means expressing our service through our culture and to always be Malaysian, for Malaysians,” Malaysia Aviation Group chief executive officer Izham Ismail was quoted as saying.

Have A Listen To The Official 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Song

The Fly Malaysia campaign, which features the airline’s iconic ‘wau’ logo, will soon be seen in ads and social media channels throughout the fourth quarter of 2019 all the way until 2020.

Let’s hope that tourism to our country will be boosted up with this effort. Way to go, Malaysia Airlines!