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Two Malaysian Scientists Win German’s Green Talents Competition 2019

Way to go, guys!

Two Malaysian Scientists Win German’s Green Talents Competition 2019
Watch out, world: we Malaysians are coming after all your awards!

Two Malaysian scientists have made us all proud by winning the Green Talents Competition 2019 last week, Malay Mail reported.

The competition was organised by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to promote the exchange of innovative green ideas.

Andrew Ng Kay Lup and Lai Yee Qing were among 25 awardees in the competition, which saw the participation of 800 applicants from 97 countries.

Meet the winners: Andrew Ng and Lai Yee Qing
According to the news portal, the duo presented their projects to a group of international researchers in Berlin last month.

Ng reportedly won over the Green Talents jury with his work on organic-based perovskites, a sustainable battery alternative for automobiles which promises greater horsepower and reduced weight and charging times.

Lai, on the other hand, impressed the judges over with her research on improving industrial thermal energy efficiency through the innovation of existing heat exchanger networks which helps manufacturers reduce the emission of greenhouse gases while saving costs.

For their hard work, they received acknowledgement over their significant and practical contributions towards building greener industries that inflict less harm on the planet.

Ng is indeed a rising star.
Ng, who is a Universiti Malaya PhD holder in chemical engineering, told Malay Mail that while he was ‘elated’ over the win, he urged Malaysians to harness sources of renewable energy for a sustainable future.

Meanwhile, Lai, who is currently pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, hoped to see more environmental awareness amongst Malaysians, particularly with regards to sustainable development.

Well done, you guys! We are extremely proud of you.