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Doctors Find A Family Of Cockroaches Living In Man's Ear

Turns out leaving food packages lying around in your room is a bad idea

Doctors Find A Family Of Cockroaches Living In Man's Ear

We know that the human body is host to many organisms, but cockroaches shouldn't be one of them. 

Unfortunately for one man, he did not know that his body was a home to a family of 'em roaches! 

According to a report published by The Star, a man in China complained of sharp pain in his ears and went to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. 

The man reportedly sought treatment at the Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang, China after a family member found a large cockroach in his ear canal when they shone a torch light into it. 

Father, mother, son; all also got.
The doctor who treated the 24-year-old man reportedly said there were at least 10 baby cockroaches running around in the man's ear, on top of the one they already found. 

According to the report, the insects were pulled out one by one using a tweezer and luckily for the guy, he only sustained minor injuries in his right ear.

We're not so sure about the mental trauma, though. 

It could happen to you!

So, how did the cockroach get into the man's ear?

According to the report, the guy wasn't exactly a clean guy.

He's reportedly known for his habit of leaving opened food packaging lying around in his room, attracting all kinds of unwanted visitors including cockroaches. 

And here's the scary bit: this man's case is not all that unique as researchers found that cockroaches love the smell of ear wax, as well as living in small, warm, humid places. 

Lying down prone, as people often do when sleeping, gives the insects the perfect opportunity to crawl in and snuggle up. They even lay eggs sometimes. 

Unfortunately for roaches, they often don't know how to crawl back out and that would create more complications for us, as we tend to react to the feeling of something moving about in our ears, leading to the insects getting squished. 

They die in your ears, and that would cause all kinds of infection, on top of the possibility that they've laid eggs that'll eventually hatch in your ear. 

The moral of the story is: do yourselves a favour and keep your surroundings clean, guys. You do not want a family of roaches moving into your ears.