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We Went To A Big Bad Wolf Warehouse, And We Didn't Want To Leave

Crazy amount of work goes into the annual book sale.

We Went To A Big Bad Wolf Warehouse, And We Didn't Want To Leave

It's almost the time of the year, guys! 

No, we're not talking about Christmas (although we are happy it's near).

We are talking about the time of the year when Malaysians rush to the annual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which will take place in the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), just so that they could buy hundreds of ringgit worth of books, many of which will probably remain unread years later.

It's back!
We know because we're one of the book hoarders but we also strongly believe that there's no such thing as owning too many books, so shop away! 

This year is the sale's 10th year anniversary, as such the founders of BookXcess/Big Bad Wolf sale invited a few lucky journalists and bloggers to visit their office and warehouse in Shah Alam. 

Warehouse 'inspection'

So many books!
According to Big Bad Wolf co-founder Andrew Yap, there are three warehouses where the books are kept, with the one we visited being the smallest. 

We don't know what they mean by 'the smallest', because for us, the warehouse itself looks huge - 1,040 square metres huge, as a matter of fact. 

If you're a fan of the whole IKEA warehouse feel, you'll get same vibe at this BBW warehouse...only that it's filled from floor to ceiling with books!

IKEA fans will love this.Books on the left, right and center.During our time there, we see some of their warehouse workers busy sorting and packing books into large boxes.

Why Are Books At BookXcess And Big Bad Wolf So Affordable?

Once they are done packing the books into boxes, they are then bubble or plastic wrapped and labelled, ready to be transported to the venue of the BBW book sale.

All wrapped up and ready to go!A Heaven for book lovers

We were then led to their work office, where their workers sit and do their desk jobs.

Honestly, after seeing the office especially, we wanted to petition to our bosses to have such nice spaces to work in too!

We want to become a CEO one day so we can have an office like this too
There's a gym and a badminton court because the founders believe in health and fitness, books everywhere and awesome collectibles we wanted to bring back with us but couldn't. 

However, we did get a book each, so that's still a win!

You can see the love for books everywhere.

We wish we could show you more of their office, but most of what they do are a little bit P&C, so we've decided to respect their privacy.