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The HUAWEI 30 And Mate 30 Pro Are Selling Like Hotcakes In China. What About Malaysia?



The HUAWEI 30 And Mate 30 Pro Are Selling Like Hotcakes In China. What About Malaysia?
China managed to sell one million units of the HUAWEI Mate 30 Series in just three short hours.

On the other hand, in Malaysia, based on the redeemed vouchers of the Mate 30 Series from the HUAWEI Member Centre, Malaysians have redeemed about 70 per cent in just a few days.

Here are a few reasons why the Mate 30 is still popular in Malaysia:

#1 AI Gesture Control

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series is equipped with a 3D Depth Sensing Camera and Gesture Sensor to identify your facial features and detect the movement of your hands. With this function, you can unlock, change slides, and capture screenshots just by looking at the screen and simply swiping your hand over it without touching the screen.
Besides that, as the physical buttons at the side were removed for this AI function, you can now adjust the volume, take a selfie or enjoy quad-finger game control with this innovative side-touch interaction.


#2 AI Auto Rotate

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro also consist of the AI Auto-Rotate function which uses the phone’s front 3D camera to analyse the orientation of your eyes to lock the rotation of the screen.

With this function, even if you place your phone on a flat surface like on a table or a bed, it will still work perfectly since it is not relying on the gyroscope that other phones usually use. You can say goodbye to rotation-lock or manually rotating your phone to readjust the gyroscope.


#3 AI Private View 

HUAWEI Mate 30 Series facial recognition is empowered with the “AI private view” mode, which will hide the contents of your notifications if it sensed views or gaze that is not from its owner, bringing privacy to a whole new level.

#4 SuperSensing Cine Camera

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series is equipped with a 40MP SuperSensing Cine Camera, which produces sharp and crisp images, allowing users to capture stunning visuals and videos in any condition.
The Mate 30 Pro is also the world’s first smartphone with a dedicated 40MP Cine Camera which supports 4K 60fps video resolution with an ISO of 51200 and 4K HDR+ Cinematic Time-lapse, real-time video bokeh effect, and a new super-slow motion mode up to 7680 fps, the world’s highest frame rate on a smartphone.

#5 Multi-screen Collaboration

With the release of EMUI 10, with just a simple tap, your HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro and MateBook 13 will transform into “ONE” super device even without an Internet connection. The phone’s screen will appear on the right hand side of the MateBook 13 and you can continue what was being done on the phone on the laptop seamlessly. This cross-device collaboration makes life and work much easier and faster without the use of cables.

#6 World’s first 27W Wireless Charging

The HUAWEI Mate 30 pro comes with 4500mAh (typical value) battery which can easily support your one-day requirement. Besides that, with the improved efficiency of the chipset and intelligent power management system, you can use the phone for more tasks and for a longer period of time. Besides that, the Mate 30 Pro has improved its wireless charging to 27W, the highest speed among all brands. Moreover, the wireless reverse charging’s speed has increased to three times compared to the last generation.

#7 Enhanced Development of HUAWEI AppGallery

A lot of people are worried about the missing of  Google Mobile Services or GMS. However, although the Mate30 is using HMS system (HUAWEI Mobile Services System) and is unable to install certain GMS software, there are a lot of videos shared online on how to solve this issue. In the meantime, HUAWEI has also enhanced the development of its HUAWEI AppGallery, which attracted a lot more apps to adapt to the HMS, including popular apps such as fave, dahmakan, Caring, Maybank, and Hong Leong Bank.

The number of daily activities have surged to 1.5 million in the HUAWEI App Gallery, and 27 commonly used apps have been successfully integrated in one month.

From September to October 2019, there are 200,000 new users joining the HUAWEI App Gallery. Besides, from January to October 2019, the total downloads from the HUAWEI AppGallery have breached 100 million in Malaysia.

#8 HUAWEI 50GB Cloud Storage

Besides that, HUAWEI recently launched a 50GB cloud storage and many other amazing activities to provide its users with more choices. Besides, you will get to enjoy a three-month free 50GB HUAWEI Cloud storage thanks to HUAWEI.    

#9 Improved After Sales Service

In addition, HUAWEI has officially included the “Screen Protection Warranty” and “Extended Warranty” service for all HUAWEI Mate 30 users. This is to ensure that customers are getting the best after-sales services.   

#10 Awesome Freebies from HUAWEI

There are a lot of users supporting HUAWEI by purchasing the Mate 30 Series since the first pre-order session. This is due to the reasonable retail price of the Mate 30 Series as well as attractive free gifts which includes the OSMO Mobile 3, SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and PU Casing.

Now, you will still get a SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and HUAWEI Care service, including a one-year extended warranty and one-month screen crack protection with every purchase of the HUAWEI Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro.

#11 Great Deals from Major Telcos in Malaysia

Celcom, Digi and Maxis are providing attractive bundle offer for the HUAWEI Mate 30 Series. Now, if you sign a contract with Digi, you will get free gifts worth RM289, including the SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and PU Casing.

Celcom and Maxis are also offering a buy one, free one program which gets you a free Huawei P30 by purchasing a Mate 30, and a free Mate 30 by purchasing the Mate 30 respectively. For more information, you can visit the respective telco websites.

Look at the happy faces of the new HUAWEI Mate 30 owners during the first batch of the pre-launch. If you have not gotten your hands on the new offering by HUAWEI, you can get it from the nearest HUAWEI store or via online here.