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Man Builds Luxury Villa Complete With Spa And Pool For His Pet Doggos

We're so jealous!

Man Builds Luxury Villa Complete With Spa And Pool For His Pet Doggos
Do you have a pet dog at home that you love dearly and would do anything for it?

We are sure you would.

But, would you spend over RM20,000 to build your doggo a luxury home?

This Chinese man would.

A five-star villa

Welcome to Villa Doggo.
Website AsianCrush reported that the man from Jiangsu province, only identified as Zhou, built a two-storey villa for his three doggos.

Zhou reportedly spent 35,000 yuan (RM20,773) in total to build the villa.

Here's why the villa is so expensive: it boasts a sun room, a swimming pool, a projector, and even a spa room, amongst many others facilities.

Here's the sun room.
To work out their little doggo legs.
The dog villa is also equipped with a guardrail to protect the dogs from electric shocks, an automatic feeding machine, a night light and even a cleaning robot.

Zhou also installed a water purifying machine for the dogs to drink from, and the villa is equipped with CCTV cameras for their safety.

Oh, and the dogs get to watch Peppa Pig through the projector too!

For their entertainment.

The best for his doggos

During a video interview featured by the portal, it was revealed that Zhou regretted not paying enough attention to his dogs after one of the dogs he used to own in the past developed liver failure and died.

From that moment onwards, he vowed to give them the best live that he could afford.

Here's the video if you wanna check the villa out for yourself:

Lucky doggos!