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Dad Takes Over Daughter's Instagram Account As Punishment And The Posts Are Hilarious

Such a cool dad.

Dad Takes Over Daughter's Instagram Account As Punishment And The Posts Are Hilarious
Usually, when we watch Western movies or TV shows, whenever a kid misbehaves, they will be grounded by their parents, or be subjected to some sort of punishment (which, by the way, is nothing compared to what we Asian kids have to endure).

But for one 15-year-old from Dallas, Texas, her form of punishment probably wasn't anything she imagined it to be.

Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter decided to punish their teenage daughter Madelynn after they found out that she sneaked boys over for a sleepover recently, Today reported.

The start of something viral.
So, Mr and Mrs Sumpter let Madelynn choose between having her phone confiscated for a month or only for two weeks with the condition that both parents get complete control of all of her social media platforms.

She decided to choose the latter, which unintentionally led to her father being a social media sensation thanks to his hilarious posts:

One photo on Instagram featured Larry wearing a tight T-shirt that’s probably not even his to begin with a picture of a turtle on it, while wearing a wig and holding a water bottle with the caption: “Like, can we save the mother freakin turtles already?!”.

Another featured his selfie with the caption “Felt cute. Might delete later.”

Interestingly, his photos received three to five times more likes on the social media site than Madelynn receives on average.

Besides uploading Instagram photos/videos, Larry also made a couple of funny TikTok videos, which would probably embarass Madelynn to death.

We know many of you are probably jealous of Madelynn’s punishment, because, to be honest, two weeks of no social media is still better than one whip of the rotan.