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Secret Santa Cheat Code: 10 Gifts You Can Buy For Your Colleagues

It's the time of the year for Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Cheat Code: 10 Gifts You Can Buy For Your Colleagues

The most wonderful time of the year is almsot here, and that could only mean one thing: office parties and Secret Santa giveaways!

It can be hard finding just the right present for your co-worker, especially if you don't really know them (or worse, if you dislike them) but we are here to take the load off your shoulders. 

Whether you are best buds with the colleague, enemies or on neutral terms, they will love these gifts.

1) Foot Hammock 

Looks so comfy
We're not sure how this would work for tall people, but if you have short colleagues especially, this will be a hit. 

Tired after a long day? Put your feet up - literally - and continue working in comfort!

Where to buy it: We found one that's selling for RM30 on Lazada. Click here to purchase.

2) Desktop Punching Bag

Punching this won;t get your colleague in trouble
Who doesn't have a bad day in the office and wish they could punch something (or someone) to release some of the stress, right?

This punching bag should help to relieve tension and can also double as a fun game during lunch breaks. 

Where to buy it: You can purchase a desk punching bag on Lazada for RM33. Click the link here.

3) Air Purifiers

The prices can range from RM60 (on sale) to thousands so choose wisely
Have you guys noticed that most offices in Malaysia are poorly ventilated? It's probably why when one person gets sick, more start dropping like flies too. 

Do your workmate (and yourself) a favour and get an air purifier that will make the office air much more breathable. 

Heads up; most air purifiers are expensive, but it's the sale season so you can still find the ones that has 'best workmate' price tags i.e 'pricey-but--I-like-you-enough-to-pay-that-much' pricing. 

Where to buy it: You can get a portable one at Astro Go Shop for just RM199. Click on this link.

4) Funny To-Do Lists

The best gift for forgetful co-worker
No matter how advanced technology gets, it can never beat hand-written to-do lists, especially when the list is written on funny pads. 

There are plenty of creative to-do lists out there, ranging from pretty to funny and downright offensive - you just have to find the right ones to suit the person you're gifting it to. 

Where to buy it: Local brand Naiise has some pretty nice (pun unintended) ones going for as low as RM20. Click here to start shopping.

5) Decision Makers

For the indecisive one
We don't mean your boss, but those nifty little devices that help you make decisions when you're confused. 

They come in many designs, such as the magic 8 Ball and even magnetic ones.

Does it really work? Well, a friend once said if you are unhappy with what the device says, you know your pick is the one that didn't show! 

Where to buy it: Spotlight is selling one for just RM20. Click here to check it out.

6) Eye Masks

Heated eye masks are awesome but the normal kind work too
Speaking from personal experience, this is the best gift ever! 

You'd think your room is dark enough to sleep in but you haven't experienced real darkness until you use an eye mask. 

Bonus points if the eye mask also doubles as puffy eye remedy (you can find them in stores if you try hard enough). 

Where to buy it: We found a pretty affordable one with Bluetooth functionality on Lazada, selling for just RM48. Here's the link to purchase it.

7) Car Mounts For Phones 

Everyone should have one
Nowadays, it feels like our phones are an extension of us. So much so that many hold their phones in their hands while driving, which can be dangerous.

Get your colleague a phone mount that they can place in their car so that they can use it for directions, connect it to their car stereo to listen to music and answer calls safely, and more. 

There are some that even works as wireless chargers, if you're feeling generous. 

Where to buy it: There's one available for sale for just RM62.90 on Lazada. Click here to check it out.

8) Blankets/Throws

Cat agrees
Put your hands up if you're one of those people who are always cold in the office and wonder who can function while they are freezing up. 

Sure, there are jackets that you could use, but have you ever tried a blanket or a throw? Besides keeping you warm, it also adds a layer of comfort; it'll almost be like working from home! 

Where to buy it: Typo has a wide variety of blankets and throws on sale right now. You can buy one for as low as RM45 here.

9) French Press

Nothing could beat freshly brewed coffee
Your coffee-guzzling colleague will definitely appreciate this, especially if they spend a lot to sustain their addiction habit.  

It's easy to use and store, and won't dent your wallet too much. Throw in a bag of freshly ground coffee if you're giving it to someone you like. 

Where to buy it: If you really like your colleague, IKEA has one for just RM59! Here's the link to purchase it.

10) Funky Socks

The best gift ever
If you don't understand why we added socks to the list, you're probably too young to understand the joy of receiving a pair, but that's OK. Just trust us on this one. 

Get a fancy, funny, artistic or comfortable pair, and we are pretty sure your colleague will love it.

On days where you're sick and tired of wearing boring, professional-looking clothes, these will come in handy to add some colour to your life without disturbing the way you look on the outside. 

Where to buy it: Local clothing brand Havan Clothing has a wide selection of cool socks to pick from. They are going for just RM12 a pair, so grab them here.

Time to shop!

Shop till you drop!
Now that you know your options, it's time to hit the online stores or physical shops and start playing Santa.

If you're out buying gifts after this, do remember to pick up something for your friendly neighbourhood website Rojak Daily yeah.